Network Configuration

Via Network Manager

MSS comes with 2 predefined network configurations: Static and Dynamic.

If your network already has a DHCP server serving IP address to devices connected on your LAN then you need to configure the MSS in Dynamic mode. If no such DHCP server exists, then configure the MSS in Static mode.

It is safe to assume that in majority of cases where a new network has just been setup for the purpose of installing the MSS, there is no pre-existing DHCP server, hence one may safely opt for Static mode.

Herein are the details of how to configure in Static or Dynamic mode:

After login, edit the connection that would not be used and uncheck “Automatically connect to this network when it is available” to disable auto-connection attempts in the undesired mode. For example, herein below, we are disabling ‘Dynamic’ and enabling ‘Static’ mode.

Network Manager - Edit Connections

Network Manager - Edit Connections

Network Connections Window

Network Connections

Editing dynamic window

Uncheck to switch off dynamic mode

Editing static window

Check to switch on static mode

Finally, choose “static” in the Network Manager menu and your MSS is now operating in static mode.