Monitoring and Broadcasting


Epoptes is a monitoring and broadcasting tool to assist teachers in imparting lessons.

Only a user belonging to “epoptes” group can launch epoptes application, see Add user to epoptes group.

All pre-configured teacher accounts are already members of the epoptes group. Using epoptes is self evident and intuitive, however complete documentation is available here.

When using English-Desktop, a teacher can start Epoptes as below:

Alt+F2 -> ltsp-remoteapps epoptes

Create Epoptes Launcher

Using the steps herein a teacher may create a desktop launcher to start Epoptes with just a click.

  • Right click on desktop and select Create launcher...
  • In Create Launcher dialog do following steps -
    1. Enter Name as Epoptes
    2. Enter Command as ltsp-remoteapps epoptes
    3. Press OK
Monitoring and Broadcasting - Epoptes Launcher


You may need to refresh (F5) the desktop to see the newly created launcher